Moodle Guides: FAQ for Students.

How can I reach my Moodle course?
You can do it through the SRS system.
How can I reach my old course?
Your old courses can be reached from this address: To reach your course first you need to choose the appropriate Moodle service. Then choose the appropriate semester. If your instructors allow you to access your old courses, you can reach them with your username and password you were using that semester.
How can I open a Moodle course for a student club or a research group?
First you need to inform your advisor. Your advisor needs to make a course request on the "General Courses Online Service". For further information, contact
Can I enter a course as a guest?
You need to contact the instructor of that course. If the instructor allows you, you can enter the course.
Why can't I reply to the forum topics?
If you are trying to reply to a topic in the "News and Announcements Forum", you cannot. This forum is a special one-way forum for only the news and announcements going out from the instructor. Please inform your instructor that you cannot reply to the topic.S/he needs to open a new forum.
Why do I see the same course name in my list of courses?
It may be deliberately done or by mistake. Please inform your instructor about the issue.
I enrolled in a course by mistake. How can I get out?
You can ask the instructor of the course to take you out of the participant list on Moodle.