Moodle Guides: FAQ for Instructors.

How can I open a Moodle course for a regular class?
You can do it automatically through the AIRS system.
How can I copy the content from my old course to my new course?
How can I reach my old courses?
Your old courses can be reached from
How can I add content to my courses?
There are many functions of Moodle you can choose from. Please follow these steps.
How can I open a course for a research group, or a communication area for my department?
You need to use the General Courses Online Services.
How can I use the same Moodle course for more than one course or class?
You need to follow a few critical steps. Please see the document here.
I was able to access my course before. Why can't I see it in my Moodle course list anymore?
If you clicked on "Unenrol me from this course", you are removed from your own course. Please contact
Why can't my students reply to the forum topics?
If you created a topic through the "News and Announcements Forum" in your class, they can't reply. This forum is a special one-way forum for only the news and announcements going out from the instructor.