You might need to restore your course when you open a new course and you want to copy the old content from your previous course.


Make sure you have the zipped back-up file saved on your computer or on a CD.

  • Go to your new course. From the Administration block, click on Restore.

Administration block

Click on Upload a file to bring your zipped back-up file into your new Moodle course.

  • Click on Browse.
  • After you find your zipped back-up file on your computer, Click on Upload this file.
Restore Action

You should now see your zipped back-up file. Under Actions click on Restore.


Click on Yes to start the restore process.

Yes Button

Here you will see your old course information and the details of your zipped back-up course.

Click on Continue.

Continue Button
There are some important decisons you need to make here:
  • If this new course is already empty (most new courses are!), it might be more practical to choose Existing course, deleting it first (This will keep the old headers from your course).
  • But if you already have materials on the new course, choose Existing course, adding data to it.

Please remember that if you choose Existing course, deleting it first when you are trying to restore to a course with materials, you will lose all of the materials in it.

Continue Button
  • Say "No" to "Metacourse" (Even if your course is a "Meta course", say "No" to this).
  • Leave the Target role under "Role Mappings" as it is.
  • Click on Continue.
Yes Button

Click on Restore this course now!

Restore this Course Button

You will see the Restore completed successfully message.

Click on Continue. You can now make the neccessary changes to your new course.

Success Message