The back-up function of Moodle can be used for 2 purposes:

1. To archive your current courses for yourself.

2. To use the same course content in another course and/or with another class. For this, you need the back-up of old your course and then you need to restore it in an empty course.


Go to your old course. From the Administration block, choose Backup.

Administration block

You will see this page. At the top you will see All/None.

  • If you want the back-up for archiving purposes, keep all the boxes ticked.
  • If you want the back-up just to get the content to restore it later in an empty course, remove the relevant ticks to leave out some activities you don't want to move later to your new course (e.g. Maybe you do not want to use the "Choices" in the new course, so remove the tick only from "Choices".)
Activities of course

Towards the bottom of the same page will see some options.

  • Most courses are individual courses so choose No for Metacourse (unless yours is a metacourse).
  • Course files: Choose Yes.
  • Site files used in this course: Choose Yes.

Click on the Continue button to create a back-up file.


Next, you'll see a long notice saying your back-up doesn't include User Data, which is OK.

You will also see the detailed lists of what you have backed up.

At the top you will see the name of your back-up file, which is a zip file. The name of the file will tell you the course name and the date.

Click on the Continue button to start the back-up process.

Detailed list

Continue Button

The back-up process will display messages showing its progress. The process might take long depending on the size of your course. Eventually you should get the "Backup completed successfully" message at the bottom.

Click on Continue to complete the back-up process.

Upload a file Button

Upload a file Button

You will be directed to your zipped back-up file.

Later on, you can reach this back-up file in your old course under the Administration block, under Files, in a yellow folder called backupdata.

Where is the zip back-up file stored?

You can save this zipped back-up file anywhere you want on your computer by right clicking and choosing Save Target As.

Upload a file Button

If you see this, "Error: An error occurred deleting old backup data," try again later on. If the error persists, please contact