You can add content on Moodle in two ways: By adding a resource or adding an activity.

Adding a resource includes inserting a label, composing a text/web page, linking to a file or a web site, or displaying a directory. Adding an activity includes creating assignments, forums, glossaries, quizzes, questionnaires, books, chats, etc.

Below you will find how you can choose resources and activities.


After you log in, go to your course page and click on the Turn Editing On button on the top right corner.

Turn Editing on Button

You will see two drop-down menus in each week/topic of your course: "Add a resource" and "Add an activity". Click on the arrows to select the kind of resource or activity you want to add to your course.


Adding a Resource:

In this section, you can select the kind of resources from the drop-down menu.

Add a resource... combo box

Adding an Activity:

In this section, you can select the kind of activities from the drop-down menu.

Add an activity... combo box